What my Happy clients are saying

I first met Zoran Stanic about 3 years ago when I was thinking of selling my townhouse up near Dundas and Bronte road.
I called 6 different brokers to come and look at the house and give me their dog n pony show. Each of them was more than happy to list my house, but several of them were trying to get me to make changes to carpeting, painting and other modifications to "enhance the property". All this work could be done by "Friends in the business"

One broker explained their variable commission scale, where by for 6% they would work hard to sell the place, and for 3% they would basicly list it and do nothing.
Of the 6, 5 where quite prepared to list the property at a high price, above median, even though the unit was basicly stock with no add ons of any kind.
The only one who was honest with me was Zoran. He told me quite plainly that he wasn't comfortable with listing at that price for the reasons mentioned, and would be solidly prepared to list at $10,000 less. This was a very reasonable approach and I thanked them all for their time. In the end I decided not to list, and tossed out 5 of the brochures.
I kept Zorans' card in my file for 2 and a half years. This April some broker came up asking if I would sell my house, to which I replied yes. He then wanted me to list with him and I told him I had a broker lined up already. At this point the fellow offered me a kick back on his commission. I replied that I would go with the broker who had shown integrity and honesty.
That man is Zoran Stanic.
I will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs an honest broker who will push to sell your house or dig to find one that will suit the buyers.
Peter Nebelung
Oakville, Ontario

When you find a Realtor who knows what you want better than even you know yourself, you've got somebody special. Zoran Stanic is the epitome of professionalism and knowledge.

He offered us an objective viewpoint on each house we toured, thereby helping us with our decisions. He was always expedient in returning our calls, searching for properties, and setting up tours. We were fortunate to meet him and it has been a pleasure to deal with him.
I absolutely recommend Zoran to anybody looking to buy or sell a home.
Goran Andric
Etobicoke, Ontario

Zoran, is a customer first, service orientated agent that was willing to assist us as clients with some odd requests- he welcomed the challenge and did what he could to accommodate even the strangest of requests, he was patient understanding and would answer everything with "NO PROBLEM" - he acted in a professional manner, was timely punctual, and courteous.
Ryan Wilson
Toronto, Ontario